Non-Profit Custom T-Shirts: St. Vincent De Paul


Customer Spotlight of the Week: St. Vincent De Paul

Non-Profit Logo T-Shirts, like these worn by St. Vincent DePaul staff and volunteers, provide an easy and affordable way to raise awareness about the non-profit organization. Custom non-profit T-shirts also make it easy to get ready for a day of volunteering and to quickly let event attendees or shoppers know who is representing the organization.

What does St. Vincent De Paul do?

St. Vincent De Paul is a non-profit organization that helps feed, clothe, house, and heal those in need. More than just a thrift store, the charitable organization provides food, clothes, furniture, financial assistance, and education to over 33,000 Iowans in need each year. Here are just a few of the ways this organization provides a helping hand:

Social Services

• For people who are struggling with food insecurity, St. Vincent DePaul has teamed with the Polk County Board of Supervisors and Hunger Free Polk County to provide families and individuals with the groceries they need through their food pantries, which are open for several hours Monday through Saturday.

• The organization also provides free clothes to those in need. This is particularly helpful for people who are re-entering the workforce and for children when the new school year starts or when the temperature changes.

Furniture is provided at a significant discount on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability and need.


Whether you need your high school diploma, a better career, reading and literacy help, parenting suggestions, or finance management, St. Vincent De Paul can help. Sign up for classes on their website page:

How can you help St Vincent De Paul?

• Share. Raise awareness of this worthy non-profit organization by sharing information about St. Vincent De Paul’s mission on your social media pages.

• Volunteer. Do you love people? Consider working in one of the St. Vincent De Paul thrift stores or food pantries. Are you a great teacher? Volunteer to mentor, tutor, or teach students in any of the society’s educational programs. Call (515) 282-8327 for more information.

• Support St Vincent De Paul. Make a furniture, food, auto or clothing donation. Visit their website and click on the “schedule a pickup” button. Make a financial donation to St. Vincent De Paul by visiting their website and clicking on the “donate” link.

Why Does St Vincent DePaul need custom non-profit T-shirts?

Custom non-profit logo T shirts are an easy and affordable way to raise awareness about organizations like St. Vincent De Paul. Friends of the organization can wear the organization’s business logo T-shirts as they go about their daily life, work at the store or education center, or attend a live or virtual event.

Author: Amber Barz

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