Iowa State Fair t-shirt apparel


Since I my first year of being married, I have annually enjoyed the Iowa State Fairand all of its unusual amenities. From fair goers wearing custom screen printed ISF t-shirts to the largest farm animals and proud FFA youth; the Iowa State Fair is a hard thing to beat.

What’s amazing to me each year are the wide eyed children experiencing the fair for the first time. Moms and dads proudly pulling and tugging their offspring to and fro, gobbling up everything imaginable on a stick. Young and old alike dawning tie dyed tanktops and mullets without a care in the world. And of course the fair goers who come to people watch as they aimlessly meander through custom western wear, varied industries and miles of farming equipment.

I love the tens of thousands of people roaming the grounds in their home town polo shirts and custom decorated shirts. It’s amazing home many different families come to the fair with embroidered sweatshirts and monogrammed tops. It’s a great time for any family or even motorcycle rideron a trip through the state.

There’s nothing like the Iowa State Fair!


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