What is a Triblend T-Shirt?


What is a Tri Blend T Shirt Made From?

As the name implies, custom tri blend T shirts are made from a blend of three fibers: cotton, polyester, and rayon. Once you try this fabric blend, it will likely be your go-to choice for T shirts, workout wear, weekend wear, and work wear. Why?

• Tri-blend fabrics combine the best that cotton, polyester and rayon have to offer. The cotton portion of the tri blend makes the fabric breathable and durable. The polyester also makes the fabric durable and fast drying! The rayon creates a nice drape and so the apparel glides drapes nicely.

• Custom tri blend T shirts are super soft! Blending three fibers together (typically 50 percent polyester, 25 percent cotton, and 25 percent rayon) creates a super soft material.

• Custom tri blend T shirts are less likely to shrink.  Wash your custom tri blend T shirts in cool or lukewarm water to keep them looking great and fitting fabulously wash after wash. 

What is a Tri Blend T shirt Good For?

Custom tri blend T shirts stretch as you move. Whether you are running, jumping, or just reaching for something on the top shelf, your custom tri blend T shirt is going to give you the freedom to move, but it will also keep its original shape. Win win!

• Tri blend T shirts are also excellent for custom screen printed designs as they take and hold color well.

• You might notice that custom tri blend fabrics have a little bit of a dappled look compared to a 100 percent cotton T shirt. This dappled look does not affect your design and most people like the variation, but that’s a personal choice.

What is a Tri Blend T Shirt Brand?

Good news! There are multiple brands of tri blend T shirts. Bella + Canvas tri blend T shirts are a customer favorite as are Next Level, District Made, American Apparel, and Sport-Tek. Check out our great selection of custom triblend shirts.

Author: Amber Barz

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