Flannel Shirt Style Fall 2019


Fall 2019 Style: 5 Ways to Look Fabulous in a Custom Flannel Shirt

Custom logo flannel shirts are on trend for Fall 2019. Give your custom logo flannel an updated look by following these simple 2019 flannel shirt style updates.

  1. Tie your custom decorated flannel shirt at the waist above your pair of skinny jeans. Pull-on a cute pair of boots and you’re good to go.
  2. Pair your embroidered flannel shirt with a skirt and tights. Choose either a straight pencil skirt or a pleated one. Tuck in your flannel shirt with a loose tuck or, or if you prefer, layer your shirt on top of the skirt and then top it with a pretty belt.
  3. Add a little extra flair to your untucked, open flannel shirt with some Soho jewelry. Wear a custom graphic tee underneath the flannel. Add some retro style kicks and head out the door in style.
  4. A jean jacket layered over a flannel shirt and jeggings or distressed jeans create a look that is as cute and stylish as it is comfy. Add some knee-high boots or retro kicks and the cool fall air won’t bother you a bit.
  5. Add a bright color custom embroidered logo or graphic to the left chest of a flannel shirt. Adding a team or company logo to a flannel shirt gives your shirt a one-of-a-kind look! To make the logo pop, layer your flannel shirt over a custom graphic T-shirt that features the same colors and slides into your favorite boyfriend jeans and booties or white kicks. Our custom embroidery is second to none!

Author: Amber Barz

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