Flannel Shirt Style Fall 2018


Fall 2018 Style: 5 Ways to Look Fabulous in a Flannel Shirt


Wander around any big city or small town on a crisp fall day and you’re likely to see someone wearing a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts are a fall staple practically everywhere the temperature regularly drops below 60 degrees. Here’s how to give your flannel shirt a little extra style!

  1. Tuck your flannel shirt into a pair of skinny jeans. But don’t tuck your flannel shirt the same way as you would tuck in a dress shirt. For flannel, you want a loose tuck. To create this look, tuck it in and then pull it back out a bit so your shirt just covers your belt loops. This loose tuck looks great on most body types and feels a lot less constricting than a tighter tuck. Throw on a cute pair of boots, and you’re good to go.
  2. Pair your flannel shirt with a skirt and tights. Choose either a straight pencil skirt or a pleated one. Tuck in your shirt with a loose tuck or, or if you prefer, layer your shirt on top the skirt and then top it with a pretty belt.
  3. Top your untucked, open flannel shirt with a cute scarf. Wear a plain white or black tee underneath the flannel. Choose a scarf with little or no pattern and a nubby or knitted texture. Pop on a beanie and some retro style kicks and head out the door in style.
  4. Layer a jacket over your flannel shirt. A jean jacket layered over a flannel shirt and jeggings is a cute and stylish as it is comfy. Add some knee high boots and the cool fall air won’t bother you a bit.
  5. Add a bright color custom embroidered logo or graphic to the left chest of a flannel shirt. Adding a team or company logo to a flannel shirt gives your shirt a one-of-a kind look! To make the logo pop, layer your flannel shirt over a custom graphic T-shirt that features the same colors and slide into your favorite boyfriend jeans and booties or white kicks.

Author: Amber Barz

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