Smart Buy: Custom Embroidered Backpacks


Smart Buy: Custom Embroidered Backpacks


In case you haven’t noticed, custom embroidered backpacks are back in style in a big way and personalized backpacks for adults are a growing trend for 2018. 

Here’s why:

1. Custom embroidered backpacks are better looking than ever.

Available in nearly every color and size, you can find an attractive backpack that feels comfortable on your back and looks great whether you are commuting to the office, the gym, or a weekend getaway.

Custom embroidered logos, names and/or designs give your backpack a classy look and provide an easy way to share your message or personal style with everyone you encounter at the airport or on the street or trail.

2. Personalized backpacks for adults hold everything you need for work, the gym, the babysitters, even the weekend.

Large interior pockets to tote heels and sneakers between the gym and the office make it easy to pack and unpack and find what you need.

Padded pockets for laptops and smart phones as well as folders and files, makeup bags, wallets, and water bottles, and even paperbacks make it easy to trek to the bus stop, the park for lunch or the beach for an afternoon.

If you have priced a diaper BAG lately, you may realize an embroidered backpack is a much better option. Backpacks hold more, leave your hands free, and cost a fraction of what name brand diaper bags do.

3. Backpacks are better for your back.

Dual shoulder straps distribute the weight of the necessities you pack better than a crossbody or messenger bag that weighs on just one shoulder.

4. Backpacks leave your hands free.

Having your hands free to hold your phone, your favorite brew, your squirming child, or to simply stash into your pockets make backpacks even more enticing.


Author: Amber Barz

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