Custom T-Shirt Printing: T-Shirt Style Quiz


Custom T-Shirt Printing: Take Our T-Shirt Style Quiz!

With so many T-shirt cuts and fabric styles available, it’s difficult to know which exact T-shirt to choose for your custom decorated T-Shirts. Take our helpful T-shirt style quiz and get 10 percent off your custom T-shirt printing order.

 If you’ve looked at our online T-shirt catalog you already know that there are numerous price ranges, styles, and fabric combinations to choose from. What’s the difference between all those T-shirts and which one is perfect for your custom T-shirt printing order? Never fear, FAST FREE help is here! This quiz takes just a couple minutes and at the end, you’ll discover which T-shirt you should choose for your custom T-shirt printing order.

Check out these time and money saving tips, too!

  • Fabric Content- One of the most important considerations when selecting the right T-shirt for your custom T-shirt printing needs is choosing the right fabric. By telling us on our quiz what you intend to use the T-shirts for (i.e. exercising or lounging) we can help you choose the right fabric for your activity. Cotton, for example, gives you great breathability but is not moisture wicking and may shrink. Polyester is moisture wicking but is not that breathable. A blend of fabrics can meet more than one need, as some blends are super soft, moisture wicking, and breathable!
  • Ordering Quantity- Our no minimum printing option requires that your garment be at least 80% cotton as digital, direct-to-garment printing is crisper, cleaner and much longer lasting on mostly cotton shirts. If you plan to order less than 6 pieces, you’ll notice that all the shirts we recommend on our quiz are at least 80 percent cotton.
  • Quality- If you are giving your T-shirts away, price is definitely a factor to consider, but a cheap uncomfortable T-shirt that no one wants to wear isn’t worth much in terms of marketing.  Spending an extra dollar or two to get something soft can be worth every penny. Our quiz can help you with make the right custom T-shirt pricing decisions, too.
  • Style- If you need T-shirts styles that are cut differently for men, women, and children, our quiz will tell you which brands and style are available for everyone. By choosing the same brand and style, you also ensure that T-shirt colors match exactly when you receive your custom T-shirt printing order.


Author: Amber Barz

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