Custom Rhinestone Shirt Sample Designs

Broken Arrow Wear would be glad to create custom rhinestone shirts using your ideas or logo. We have a fantastic team of in-house designers that can bring your rhinestone design ideas to life! Whether you are looking for nail designs with rhinestones, bling wedding party shirts, birthday tees, snazzy business shirts, dance team apparel, or special event shirts, we've got you covered! To view our available rhinestone design colors, click here.

Questions about Rhinestones?

Use our "Chat with us" button to chat with a custom rhinestone shirt specialist or call 800-810-4692.

Rhinestone Examples

Click on the custom rhinestone shirt images below to view a larger picture of each rhinestone design. If there is a design you fancy and want to customize for yourself, just click on "Chat with us!" One of our knowledgeable rhinestone specialists will be pleased to discuss shirt colors, logo placements, and many other customizable options for rhinestone designs. Rhinestone nail designs and mixed designs with screen printing or embroidery are also available for a super cool look that is sure to stand out! Rhinestone nail designs use stones that look like nail heads instead of crystals, which gives a sleek and modern look, and can lend itself to a more unisex rhinestone design. Or of course you can use nail designs with rhinestones for the best of both worlds! Rhinestone designs are applied as rhinestone transfers with a professional heat press, which ensure fantastic and consistent placement and durability so your customized rhinestone shirts will look perfect for years to come!