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Custom Pigment Dyed Shirts & Garment Dyed Apparel

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Custom Pigment Dyed T-Shirts & Garment Dyed T-Shirts

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What are Pigment Dyed Shirts and Why are they so Popular??

  • Pigment-dyed shirts have that vintage, lived in look that is so popular in retail clothing today.
  • Pigment dyed coloring agents are environmentally friendly.
  • Most pigment dyed garments are made from either 100 percent cotton or a cotton-polyester blend and are soft and comfy to the touch.
  • Custom Pigment dyed t-shirts have a weathered softer shade of color than other dying techniques.
  • They will shrink less when you wash them because they have already been commercially washed and dried twice during the dying process.
  • Garment dying offers a weathered softer shade of color than other dying techniques.
  • Custom Pigment dyed hoodies feel like that favorite vintage hoody in your closet, only you don't have to wait years before love it.
  • Garment dyed hoodies are made using the same pigment dying process as described above, but these hoodies are dyed after they have been sewn together. In other words, garment dyed hoodies are usually made from white fabric, and then dyed one of the available color options.
  • At Broken Arrow, our apparel buyers are always looking for the perfect garments that you, our customers, will love! That's why we have recently introduced more pigment dyed hoodies. If you don't see the exact hoody you are looking for, text or call us at 800-810-4692. We will be happy to try and find what you need.

Pigment Dye Brands You've Grown to Love

If you are into custom pigment dyed shirts, you have most certainly heard of Comfort Colors. The most popular garment dyed brand around, they offer over 90 different colors from white and black to more fun colors such as Neon Pink and Island Reef. With the popularity of these types of garments, other major brands have stepped into the game to get a piece of the action. ComfortSoft by Hanes offers sweatshirts, t-shirts and youth products. Have you heard of Next Level? A really popular retail brand started a line called "Inspired Dyes" to catch some of the custom pigment dyed market. Check out our brands above and you'll surely find the perfect garment dyed color for your project. Can't decide which one you want? Mix and match and if you leave the ink color the same on all shirts, you'll even get the total quantity pricing break giving you the cheapest possible pricing on your custom order and design.