Safety Matters to Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing


 Safety Matters to Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing: 

Safety matters! Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing ALWAYS uses the safest paints and screen-printing methods to keep you, our customers, and our employees safe. Our surprise 2017 OSHA visit reports ZERO safety violations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector surprised Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery with an unannounced safety inspection earlier this month.

Safety Matters at Broken Arrow Wear

Broken Arrow T-Shirt’s Safety Report: ZERO OSHA Violations

“We are proud to report the inspector found ZERO safety violations,” says Operations Manager Paul Leto. “At Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery, safety is a top priority. We use the safest screen printing inks available because we care about our customers, our employees, and the environment. We thoroughly train our employees and regularly inspect and upgrade our equipment to ensure our employees are always safe and that the quality of our custom apparel is second to none.

“I’m very proud of our staff and of the way our 30,000 square foot print shop operates,” Paul continues. “We even schedule tours to show our customers how we make the best custom apparel in the screen-printing and embroidery business.”

To order custom apparel from a company who cares about you, the environment, and our employees, please call Broken Arrow today at 800-810-4692.

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