Personalized Garments are also a great Christmas idea!


If you are stuck on what to the kids in your life for Christmas this year, I have a really simple, fantastic idea.  Kids have so many toys these days, it seems like the last thing they need is toys. What is something that you can give them that are usable, reasonably priced and not a toy? I know just the thing! Personalized Bags!!

I have to give my sister in law credit for this; I asked her what I could get my niece and nephew for their birthday. She said that her kids could really use personalized overnight bags to take to grandmas. WOW! What a great idea! Get them bags they can use over and over again. Also, because they are personalized, they will know which one is theirs and they will hopefully never get lost.

Since then about 4 years ago, I have recommend to parents, aunts, uncles, and anybody else who need to get people gifts this idea. It’s a bonus that you don’t have to think about what to buy each individual one, you can get all of them done in one spot (at BrokenArrowWear of course 🙂), and control your costs.

I chose OGIO brand as they are quality, they came in fun colors, and they were the perfect size. I chose a simple font with custom embroidered names in complimentary colors. The cost for these bags was just $21.95 each, which was right in line with my Christmas budget.


We have over 1,000 different customizable bags you can choose from, or heck we have even other products. We can work within any budget to find something that will suit your recipients. You can get custom embroidery on scarfs, hats, tote bags, polos, golf towels, robes, gloves, etc.  Contact us and we will help you find the perfect item.  

Have a super weekend! We look forward to helping you check everybody off of your list before November even starts!


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