Custom Wrap Koozies to Commemorate Your Event


One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is what people are willing to pay for a t-shirt! Earlier last month when I went to a Taylor Swift concert, people were paying an astronomical amount…something I would quite frankly never pay. People were handing over $40.00 left and right for a shirt that made in the huge masses, probably in China and of very mediocre quality. Why? Why? Why? I know it’s not because the t-shirt is AMAZING, it’s probably not because they are desperate for some new clothes, or even that they have so much money they can afford to pay anything. They buy it for the memories.

My husband always says that things are better in your memory than they are in reality. That first cruise we went on was AMAZING. The food was awesome, we enjoyed being in a new place every day, and I especially enjoyed all of the on board entertainment. It was so great we decided to do it again! Funny though…the second cruise had worse food, we felt always in a rush to get back to the boat, and the evening entertainment was a little lame. Was it actually worse, or was it because in my memories it was better? Probably the latter.  This brings me to my point…

It really doesn’t matter if the memories were good or bad from your past vacations or events, what really matters is that you had those experiences. One of my favorite things to do is pull out the old Germany Birthtober Fest (that is what we aptly named our trip to Germany to celebrate 3 friends 30th birthday) koozie and chat about our time.  I had one of our really amazing artist draw each picture on the koozie and put them in German outfits for a fun, 100% custom koozie. I paid $9.83 per koozie for totally custom artwork and a lifetime full of conversation, memories, and friendship.

germany 2013

So next time instead of wasting $50.00 on a bucks each on a bunch of trinkets that you’ll not know what to do with in a few years, buy something that you’ll use, love, and will provide more than a standard basic souvenir. You don’t just have to be going on vacation, it could be for your event, school, club or group. Custom sublimated koozies is where it’s at!

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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