Custom T-Shirts for Iowa Public Radio


Customer Spotlight of the Week: Iowa Public Radio

screen-printed t-shirts

Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery is proud to make custom T-shirts for Iowa Public Radio.

It’s more important than ever to have a source for unbiased and fact-checked news, and public media journalism delivers. Iowa Public Radio is one such source you can turn to news you can trust.

“We are committed to informing, enriching, and engaging Iowans through high quality news and cultural programming,” says Iowa Public Radio Development Associate Amy O’Shaughnessy. “We provide 24 hour news to listeners so they can keep tabs on what is happening globally and locally.”

In addition to local, national, and international news, Iowa Public Radio also provides two local talk shows, Talk of Iowa and River to River, and classical and contemporary music listening options from Beethoven and Bach to Blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

Broken Arrow is also proud to provide fulfillment services for Iowa Public Radio.

“Contributions from individuals make up more than 50 percent of our budget, so listener support is vital,” Amy continues. “We have 26,000 members that support Iowa Public Radio. We offer many of these donors appreciation gifts, such as Iowa Public Radio T-shirts, tote bags, or other items. Broken Arrow makes most of these custom gifts for us, and they even ship the gifts directly to our supporters. Broken Arrow’s fulfillment service makes my job much easier. I simply provide them a list of names and addresses along with what to ship and they take care of the rest.”


Author: Amber Barz

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