Custom Bro Tanks: Style Rules


Custom Decorated Men’s Tank Tops (Bro Tanks)

You’ve heard the saying “suns out, guns out,” but let’s face it, not all guys all blessed with six pack abs and chiseled biceps. No matter what kind of body you have, there’s a bro tank that will look good on you.

Bro Tank Rule Number 1: Fit matters!

Like your favorite T-shirt, your custom decorated bro tank needs to be the right length. The best fitting bro tanks fall a couple inches below your belt loops. Your custom bro tank should also not be too tight! A looser fit will keep most sweat and jiggles from showing. Ideally, your bro tank should be loose enough to extend about an inch away from your body. Which leads us to—

Bro Tank Rule Number 2: Don’t show more skin than you cover! 

Even if you have a perfect body, oversize armholes and thin, see-through fabrics that show your chest hair and nipples are NOT a good choice. The armholes of your bro tank should stop above your first rib and the neckline of your tank should stop above a horizontal line drawn between your armpits.

Bro Tank Rule Number 3: Keep the artwork simple.

Tone on tone designs, a few choice words, or a nice logo look great on everyone. Oversize prints in neon colors and busy patterns are harder to pull off, so don’t go overboard when creating your custom screen-printed or embroidered tank top.

Bro Tank Rule Number 4: Keep your fur under control. 

Let’s face it, some of us are hairy beasts and when you don a tank top, you’re going to show more of your follicles. It’s important that you trim them up. Remove stray hairs from your shoulders and back and trim those pit hairs so they are out of site when your arms are resting at your sides. A bit of chest hair coming out the top of your tank is just fine, but always, always eliminate the neck beard.

Bro Tank Rule Number 5: Feel free to layer!

Layering a custom decorated tank on top of a plain one looks stylish and it can also help keep moisture out of site. Decorated tank tops also look good under an open, zip-up hoody or a casual jacket.

Looking for the perfect custom decorated bro tank?

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