Cool Customized Employee & Customer Gifts 2017


Give your employees and customers customized gifts that they will enjoy and appreciate and remember you for! According to our customer poll, the best gifts are thoughtful, unique and useful! Here are our top 5 sellers for customized employee and customer gifts!

  • Custom business logo backpack. Useful, high quality backpacks can be customized with your business name and business logo and are available in multiple styles and price points. The backpack shown holds a computer with enough extra space to pack for an overnight trip. Outdoor types will love a customized backpack for hiking or biking. Add an embroidered or screen-printed company logo along with your employee’s or customer’s name to create a personalized custom gift that will be used over and over again.
  • Custom business logo messenger bag. These attractive and professional looking bags are perfect for toting laptops and papers and can be used in place of a purse or carry-on. Like our customized backpacks, you can find messenger bags that look expensive well under $20 a bag. Customize the messenger bags on both sides with your company name and logo. Choose screen-printed or embroidered designs.
  • Custom business logo wheeled party cooler or customized shoulder bag cooler. Our customized soft-sided coolers are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. Picture yours with a custom embroidered ‘VIP” and your custom business logo for your top customers or your entire staff. They are ideal for bringing appetizers and drinks to share at work or at any party or picnic.
  • Custom business logo jacket. If your employees or customers ever spend time outside or traveling while on the job, then a jacket embroidered or screen printed with your business logo will be greatly appreciated. We offer styles that are ideal for any kind of weather—wet, cool, or downright cold. Add your company logo to the back and your customer or employee’s name on the front left for a totally personalized gift that will be appreciated for years to come.
  • Embroidered or screen-printed custom business logo stadium blanket. Ideal for sports fans, soccer moms, and hockey dads, a stadium blanket adorned with your company logo will be the staple everyone will carry around on game day. We offer many perfect gifts options, including blankets with carry handles and shoulder straps that make it easy to grab your blanket and go. Customize your stadium blanket with your business logo, either embroidered or screen-printed along with any custom design your choosing.


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