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Custom Company T-Shirt Design Ideas

From automotive to restaurants, plumbing to dance studios, we’ve got designs that will fit your company culture and atmosphere. Select a company design template that you love, pick your product, select your colors and text and before you know it, your company t-shirts will be delivered directly to your office. Check out our popular ones below or choose from our more specific design templates that match your business.

Popular Custom Company T-Shirt Choices

Popular Company Workwear & Safety Wear

Popular Corporate Casual Company Items

The Benefits of Custom Company T-Shirts & Apparel

Some people consider buying company apparel a waste of money, but it really should be considered as an investment. No matter what your business is in, company logo shirts have value. There are major employees benefits for your employees as well as your branding, marketing and customers. Your employees benefit from custom company apparel because it becomes a dress uniform for them that makes it really easy to get ready for work! It also creates a sense of teamwork and pride in the company that was willing to invest in their apparel through company t-shirt designs. It also helps build your image with your customers. Imagine this…you get a knock on your door from the guy that is there from the company you called to clean your carpet, he is dressed in a basic ole t-shirt that says Budweiser on it and jeans. What is your impression? What if he would have been in a customized company polo or button down. What is your impression now? As a business, it is important that your image is portrayed to your customers in a positive light and custom company t-shirts can help achieve this goal. Consider it a marketing and sales investment, not an expense.

Other factors to consider:

  • Free Advertising – Your employees will wear their uniform out and about to the store, pick up their kids, etc. This means that hundreds of people over time will see their t-shirt. They will ask about where they work, what services they offer, etc. Those conversations can turn into real leads and paying customers!
  • Safety Considerations – Providing your employees the right type of apparel can keep them safer! Should they be wearing 100% cotton on the shop floor, reflective safety gear while doing construction or SPF protective clothing while in the hot sun? All of those things can be provided through supplying them with the right customized company shirt.
  • The Employee is Willing to Pay – In our over 25 years of experience, we have found that the employees are even willing to PAY for their own corporate logo apparel! Can you believe it?! With our cheap wholesale prices, they can often times get new items to wear to work cheaper than what they are able to buy in the retail stores. This is a benefit for the employee and the employee both.