The Difference between Yoga Pants, Active Wear Leggings, and Everyday Leggings


What’s the difference between yoga pants, workout pants, active wear leggings and casual, everyday leggings? Which legging is best for you? Here are the answers:

As the leisure wear market continues to grow exponentially and more and more people are adopting a healthy, active lifestyle the kind of leggings to buy to work out and wear every day has become more and more complicated.  There are workout pants, yoga pants, yoga leggings, yoga capris, active wear capris, active wear leggings, practice pants, and casual wear leggings. So which ones are best for you? Here are the answers.:

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Yoga pants. Yoga pants and yoga leggings are designed with movement in mind. Some manufacturers refer to these fan faves as active wear pants, workout pants, or active wear leggings or active wear capris. Because yoga pants are comfortable and stretchy, many women wear them everywhere they go. They are great for working out, lounging, and every activity in between. Yoga pants are typically made of thick, opaque fabrics that give and stretch without becoming loose or baggy. They’re ideal to wear topped with a T-shirt or hoodie, and typically feature an elastic or drawstring waist in varying widths. Yoga pants are designed to let you move in any direction without tearing and without worry of embarrassing see-though areas. You can find yoga pants that fit skintight, or in a looser, more relaxed fit. To ensure the yoga pants you are considering are exactly what you are looking for, always read the manufacturer’s description. Look for polyester/spandex fabrics which may or may not be mixed with the cotton. Yoga pants also come in different lengths:  

• Relaxed fit yoga pants may come with an open, slightly flared or bootcut bottom or a closed, close-to-your ankle fit. 

• Yoga capris feature a mid calf length. 

• Yoga leggings may also come in ankle length or full length. 

Fashion wear leggings. Also called casual wear leggings, these leggings are a riskier buy if you plan to exercise in them as they may not be as durable or as opaque as their yoga or active wear cousins. These leggings hug your curves. As with yoga pants, there are different categories of casual wear leggings. 

• Thin fashion leggings are just a little thicker than tights and more delicate than yoga pants. They may be slightly see-through and may not perform well for a serious workout. It’s best to wear thin leggings below a tunic length top. 

• Cotton leggings are typically thick enough not to be see-through but thin enough to feel pretty comfortable. They don’t hold you in or offer a lot of support but they feel great. 

• Support leggings offer more figure flattering control. 

So, what does Broken Arrow Wear offer in terms of workout or leisure pants that can be custom decorated with your team name, logo, or other cool graphic design? Here are our favs! 

Exercise leggings and fitness pants: 

• Form fitting Sport-Tek NRG Fitness Pants make great workout pants, whether you are running, doing yoga, lifting weights or some other strenuous activity.  Made from polyester spandex, they feature a wide waistband for added comfort. And bonus, they are moisture wicking, too. 
• Form fitting Sport-Tek 7/8 Active Leggings also make great workout pants, thanks to plenty of stretch for movement and a comfortable 7/8 (ankle) length. Made from a poly spandex jersey fabric, they are super comfy, too. 

Everyday comfort and casual wear leggings: 
• These casual wear, mostly cotton Bella Leggings are soft, comfortable, and excellent for lounging and relaxing. There is no side-seam, so they make an attractive silhouette. If you only need one or two pairs, these will work great for you as there is no minimum order quantity. 

• Not into the form fit? Are you looking for a pair of pants to nap or binge watch your favorite series?  These J-America Vintage Zen Open Bottom Fleece Sweatpants feature an acid wash burnout finish that is about comfy as pants can get.      
Fashion forward solution: 
If you love the latest fashion trends, then you’ll love the laser cut detailing on the legs of these Ogio Stay Cool Laser Tech Leggings. And good news, they also make great workout pants as they help you stay cool and comfortable while you work out. 

For both active and everyday wear: 

These Champion Performance Leggings are great for the gym and comfortable enough to wear all over town. The reflective details are also an excellent safety feature when you are out after dark. The leggings feature a fitted cuff at the ankle and a drawstring waste for added comfort and flexibility. 

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