Mens Stay-Cool Fashion Trends 2016


Mens Stay-Cool Fashion Trends 2016:

5 Ways for Guys to Look Hot and Stay Cool this Summer

Most of the nation is dealing with record heat this summer, so the Broken Arrow fashionistas have come up with five ways to help you beat the heat while turning heads. (Remember the 2007 diet coke guy? We do!)

  1. Heathered Henley

We hate to break the news, but on guys, deep V-necks shirts haven’t been in fashion since 1976. You can achieve a much classier, equally heat-conquering look with a Henley made from a tri-blend fabric. Tri-bend fabrics are sweat wicking, soft, and wrinkle free to help keep you looking fresh and sexy. This District Made Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Henley Tee comes in five flattering colors. The heathered fabric (which mixes two similar tones to create a very subtle pattern) also helps disguise sweat. And FYI, even GQ is liking a more subdued palette this summer

Fashion Trends

  1. Color Block Dry-Fit Polo

Twelve-ounce curls Custom T-shirtscan instantly cool you off on a hot summer day, but if you curl regularly you may feel your six-pack turning into a twelve-pack. The contrasting side panels of the Ultra Club Cool and Dry Sport 2-Tone Polo Shirt can help you look slim and trim and the moisture wicking mesh fabric will keep you cool and dry.

Dri-fit Fabrics
The stylish shirt also has SPF 40 sun protection, a relaxed fit, and contrast striping on the knit collar.

  1. Baseball Style T-Shirt

The boys of summer never go out of style and a short-sleeve baseball style t-shirt with contrasting color sleeves looks great with a custom logo and matching cap whether you are in a stadium, on a beach, or at a festival. Throw on some khaki dri-fit shorts; longer, fitted shorts is this summer’s trending style. Slip on a pair of comfy and stylish canvas shoes, and a custom baseball cap from and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Shoulder Stripe Dri-Fit T-Shirt

The dry-fast advantage mesh mock shirt may quickly become your go-to shirt because it helps keep you dry and comfortable and draws attention to those broad shoulders (the contrasting shoulder stripe also makes narrow shoulders look broader). Add a custom embroidered logo (designed  exclusively for you by Broken Arrow artists) for a look that will never go out of style.

  1. Seriously Distressed Denim

Let’s face it, jeans can be too [explicit left out] hot to wear in the summer. GQ suggests choosing jeans made from super lightweight denim to beat the heat You can find lightweight distressed jeans at trendy men’s clothing stores in the $50 to $100+ range or worn-thin-over-time ones that are equally comfortable and trendy for a few bucks at your local second-hand store.


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Author: Amber Barz

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