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Customer Spotlight of the Week: Global Child Advocates

What does Global Child Advocates do?

Global Child Advocates is a non-profit organization that helps keep families together in order to help prevent family separation, child abuse, and trafficking. Global Child Advocates equips families, caregivers, churches, and communities as advocates to protect children.

• Prevention. For families who are already struggling to feed and shelter their children, a short-term crisis can lead to family breakdown. To prevent this from happening, Global Child Advocates provides nutrition support to help families persevere through crisis and get back on their feet.

• Protection. Victims of abuse and trafficking are protected in the short term through emergency care and long term through loving families, income opportunities, tangible resources, and education.

• Empowerment. By providing continuing education to parents and caregivers about attachment, brain development, and the impact of childhood trauma, caregivers understand the importance of staying together and work harder to maintain the family unit. At the same time, young children are provided a safe and nurturing pre-school learning environment where they are loved and cared for while their parents work. Children are able to build their creative and cognitive abilities, while gaining basic literacy, mathematics and science through play. Young women who are at-risk are empowered through continuing education and as enterprising artisans who make money by selling custom made jewelry that can be shipped around the world. 

How can you help Global Child Advocates?

• Become an advocate. Raise awareness of this worthy cause by sharing information about Global Child’s Advocates mission on your social media pages.

• Support Global Child Advocates. Make a financial donation to Global Child Advocates by visiting their website donation page at

• Support the Artisans. Sojourn Studio, was launched in 2017 to empower women to earn extra income while discovering their immense value. Teen artisans establish savings to expand opportunities for their futures while the day program gives mothers the chance to earn extra income to support their families.

Why Does Global Child Advocates need custom charity T-shirts?

• Custom charity T shirts are an easy and affordable way to raise awareness about great causes like Global Child Advocates.  Wear your charity logo T-shirt as you go about your daily life or attend an event like a race or a bike ride. T-Shirts, like these worn by Global Child Advocates staff, make it easy to be recognized throughout the community as they set up and attend fundraising events. They also make it easy to get ready for a day of volunteering.

Author: Amber Barz

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