Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing: Best Place to Work!


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Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery nationally recognized as one of the Best Places to Work!

Broken Arrow which operates a 30,000 square foot production facility in Urbandale, Iowa, and an international call center at 4133 Merle Hay Road in Des Moines, is also an on-line marketing company that specializes in “fast and free” custom art, logo designs and digitizing on apparel. Broken Arrow General Manager Kortni Remer credits her knowledgeable and dedicated staff of 45 (average of 8 years tenure) and her proprietary software for this achievement. “Client Designs are posted online within 24 hours to be approved from anywhere in the world. Orders are shipped within 4 business days after art approval, so our employees are always on their game every day with every order,” comments Remer.

“Our full-time employees enjoy decent pay, solid health benefits, incentives, profit sharing, and policies that allow them to be people with jobs rather than work jobs that run people, ”CEO Mari Coppola says. “Team members are cross-trained, promoted ,and respected. We hold our employees to high standards and they help us reach our goals.”


Broken Arrow’s reject ratio (the number of garments ruined due to human error) runs under .5 percent; the industry standard is 2 percent. Broken Arrow’s customer satisfaction rate is consistently over 99 percent with more than 40 percent of customers placing return orders.


Broken arrow earned its “Best Places to Work” credential based on extensive ratings provided by a minimum of 94 percent of its employees in anonymous surveys. Here’s what Broken Arrow team members are saying:

Why People Love to Work Here: “We are a team in every sense of the word. Team members love our casual, family atmosphere. Each team member is treated and cared about as if they are family. Broken Arrow team members get to be involved in and make key decisions that impact their jobs and their customers on a regular basis. Suggestions for improvement are welcome and encouraged. Decisions that impact Broken Arrow are based on what is good and right for our customers, our entire staff and the company.”

Culture Initiatives: “We believe that job satisfaction is key to both our company’s success and to achieving the best customer service possible, which is one of our primary goals. If our employees are happy, that will radiate to our community and to our customer base. We offer employee incentives and rewards for things like fast customer callback, best customer service, etc. We have discovered that the more training we do, the more comfortable and secure our employees are, which makes for better customer service.”

Fun Things: “We had a company picnic this summer with some highly competitive (and spectators might say hilarious) kickball action. We celebrated our 25th anniversary last summer and invited the entire community for free pizza and brews. Everyone had a great time. We even printed T-shirts with an image of the Des Moines skyline. We make silly videos on occasion .

In 2015, Broken Arrow was designated Business of the Year by its local Des Moines, Iowa, Chamber of Commerce organization, and recognized for its contribution to local business development by its piers

Established in 1989, Broken Arrow started out a mom and pop screen-printing and embroidery shop in Polk City, Iowa. By 1996, you could purchase Broken Arrow T-shirts on-line. Owner Mari Coppola explains, “We have understood since day 1 that we are nothing without satisfied, happy, healthy employees.  No doubt, employee longevity and good leadership are why we are still in business today.” (

We are incredibly proud of this reward,” says General Manager Kortni Remer. “At Broken Arrow, we are about our people, our product, and the process. It’s enjoyable to come to work every day to work to make a great product and work with a great team.”

Within its production facility, Broken Arrow also operates a full service fulfillment center filling online orders, not limited to apparel, for world class clients like musician Joe Bonamassa, International race teams, organizations, and national brand businesses, shipping each order within 24 hours to a worldwide arena.

Broken Arrow Contacts:
Mari Coppola, Owner and CEO
Mari, a Beaverdale native, built Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery from the ground up.

Kortni Remer, General Manager
Kortni, a Johnston native and daughter of Mari, graduated from the University of Iowa with an entrepreneurial certificate in 2008. Originally Sales Manager, she was promoted to General Manager in 2012.

Ann Chalfant, Accounting Manager
Ann lives in Bondurant and is the co-founder of Broken Arrow.

Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery Inc.
4133 Merle Hay Road,
Des Moines, Iowa, 50310 USA

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