Quality Custom Shirts

Looking for quality custom shirts? You have come to the right place! Broken Arrow is your #1 choice for quality custom shirts, as we offer top quality screen printing and a huge assortment of tees and apparel. We have been in the screen printing and embroidery business for over 25 years, and have printed over 10 million shirts, so you can trust Broken Arrow for quality custom shirts, backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Each and every one of our screen printed tees go through our rigorous quality control review to make sure it is absolutely perfect before it leaves our production office!

Screen Printing Process

Our screen printing process actually starts way before the screen printing press, and begins with our team of in-house artists. Our artists not only create a unique, custom design just for your order, but they also ensure that your design is going to print perfectly for a great looking design. Our production artists select the best mesh size and type of ink to use for your design, and then our production department burns the screens, chooses the best screen printing press for your shirts, and makes sure the screens are perfectly aligned to give a crisp, clear print. A test print is done, which is reviewed by our production manager before any of your order is produced. Then, it is on to printing your shirts, and sending them through our professional grade dryer to cure them at the perfect temperature.

Quality Control Review

Every single tee shirt or apparel item goes is inspected by our quality control department after it is screen printed or embroidered. Our quality control department carefully reviews the online proof that you approved, and matches it with each print to ensure that it matches 100%. Quality control technicians are also on the lookout for other imperfections such as holes or stains on the shirts, inconsistent ink, or any other problem they spot that prevents that shirt from meeting our quality control standards. Only quality custom shirts leave our production office!

Specialty Inks

Be sure to check out our huge assortment of awesome specialty inks and special effect printing options to make your design stand out from the crowd! Choose from options like foil, glitter, high density, glow in the dark ink and many more! Give your quality custom shirts that extra wow factor everyone in your group will love!