Special Screen Printing Inks

Are you looking for special screen printing inks to make your custom t shirts look amazing? You have come to the right place! At Broken Arrow, we have a huge assortment of special screen printing inks that will make your shirts stand out from the crowd! We have all sorts of options to add sparkle, shine, bling, texture, and more! Don't get ordinary custom t shirts when you can have extraordinary custom t shirts with special screen printing inks from Broken Arrow!

Add Some Sparkle

Some of our most popular special screen printing inks are metallics including glitter, shimmer, and liquid metallics. With glitter, it is a two part process that includes a layer of ink, and then glitter printed over it in the same color. This allows for a great coverage, and a glitter that will not flake off. Shimmer inks are similar, but with smaller specs of sparkle, and it is a single layer of ink. Metallics do not have specs of sparkle in them, and are a solid metallic color. You can add a little sparkle, or a lot of sparkle with special screen printing inks!

Add Some Texture

Add some texture to your custom t shirts with special screen printing inks. Choose options like puff, high density, cork, or suede to give your custom t shirts a fun look and feel. Puff gives your design a raised up, puffy look with soft, rounded edges. High density has sharp edges for a crisp, firm look. Cork and suede have fun finishes to feel similar to actual cork and suede. Super clear gel is also available to give your design a wet, gel look and feel.

Sample Pack

Not sure what to pick? Order our sample pack online and you'll get swatches of all of our special screen printing inks. The sample kit is just $15 and includes a screen printed t shirt, an embroidered t shirt, and swatches of all of our specialty inks. The cost is credited towards your first order, so it is essentially free!