Waterbase Printing

Choose waterbase printing for your custom t-shirts for a super cool look that everyone is sure to love! Broken Arrow is proud to offer custom waterbase printing for t-shirts and apparel. You'll love our fast turnaround time and awesome custom artwork services, not to mention our low wholesale pricing for waterbase printing!

The Process

Waterbase printing is pretty similar to traditional silk screen printing, where the image is color separated, and each ink color is printed as a separate layer. The difference with waterbase printing is that the shirt color is removed from where the design will go, instead of an underbase like traditional screen printing. With the shirt color removed, the ink colors sink into the fibers of the shirt, which gives a super soft feel after the shirts are washed the first time.

Best Options for Waterbase printing

Due to the special process for waterbase printing, 100% cotton shirts are required. Shirts with polyester or other fabric content do not allow for the shirt color to be discharged, so waterbase printing will not work. There are a few other limitations, such as shirts that have been overdyed, like pigment dyed or tie dyed shirts. For help selecting the best shirts for waterbase printing, chat with one of our friendly sales reps, who can guide you on the best shirts for your needs!

Custom Designs

Take advantage of our free custom design services with your apparel order. Leave the work to us, and our artists will work up your ideas and turn them into the perfect design for your t-shirts!