Custom Printed Apparel from Broken Arrow

Enjoy top quality custom printed apparel always made your way at Broken Arrow! We offer tons of options to make your custom printed apparel exactly what you had in mind! Our decoration options include screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, rhinestones, and even all over printing! So, when we say custom, we mean custom! You can also get additional services like custom printed tags and relabeling, individual packaging, order fulfillment services and more!

Most Popular Method – Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most common choice for custom printed apparel. It involves color separating the artwork and creating a screen for each color in the design. The negative image is burned into the screen, which is then loaded onto the screen printing press. Ink is loaded into the screens, and each color of ink is applied to the shirts. Screen printing offers a wide variety of colors and specialty inks like glitter and glow in the dark, and provides a cost effective, durable printing option that will leave your custom printed apparel looking great for years to come!

Digital Printing is Another Great Option

Digital printing is an increasingly popular choice for custom printed apparel. Benefits of digital printing include no minimums, and the ability to print any number of colors in the design as the artwork doesn't need to be color separated. Photographs and other detailed designs are now affordable to print on shirts with small quantities due to digital printing. Digital printing works best on 100% cotton shirts, as it uses waterbased ink. The shirts are pressed, and then are placed on to a pallet for printing. The printer has several ink cartridges and prints on the shirt much like a home printer. The shirt is then pulled off the pallet and sent through a professional dryer set to 330 degrees. Digital prints are not quite as durable and long lasting as screen printing, but are a great option for special events and gifts.

Don’t Forget about Custom All Over Printing

All over printing is another awesome custom printed apparel option from Broken Arrow. With all over printing, the screen printed design can span the entire length and width of the shirts. All over printing can use up to 4 ink colors in the design. A small space is required between the ink colors, and the print is distressed near seams and hems. 100% cotton t-shirts work best for all over printing as it too requires waterbased ink. After washing the shirts the first time, you will love how soft the print is due to the discharge print process. With discharge printing, instead of a typical white underbase, the underbase is more like a bleach and removes the shirt color. The design is then printed over it, and is allowed to settle into the fibers of the shirt. After you wash the shirt the first time, you will notice how soft and lightweight feeling the print is. All over printing does have a minimum order requirement of 12 shirts per design. And, be sure to check out our bulk quantity price breaks at about every dozen as well!