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Custom Embroidered Emblems and Patches

Embroidered emblems and patches are a great way to put your design or insignia on a garment without applying the decoration directly to the garment. These emblems and patches are generally produced on a heavy twill fabric with a smooth texture.

In most cases a portion of the underlying twill becomes the background for the design, and a variety of thread colors make up the details of the design. There is a decorative cover stitch that covers the edge of the twill fabric to make your custom emblem.

Embroidered emblems and custom patches are commonly produced for outerwear, clothing and accessories. They work great for uniforms, caps, jackets and golf shirts when you want maximum recognition and exposure. We use the highest quality fabrics and threads to make your embroidered emblems and patches.

Your embroidered patch will accurately match your existing company logo, or design with our huge selection of custom thread colors. Choose any combination to make your perfect embroidered emblem.

The Benefits of Custom Embroidered Emblems and Patches

Embroidered emblems and patches can benefit you in many ways, below are just a few of the benefits of embroidered patches.

  • Option to be heat sealed or sewn on garments.
  • Designed for industrial laundering.
  • Gives opportunity to remove design at anytime without ruining the garment.
  • Removable, allowing for reuse of garments.
  • Multiple shapes and sizes.
  • Can save as much as 30% over the cost of direct embroidery.
  • Allows you the opportunity to have your design sewn without purchasing a garment.
  • Hold up in active environments such as industrial, healthcare and hospitality.

Patching Materials

Embroidered patches are precut in a wide range of sizes and shapes for you to choose from, see our most popular shapes and sizes (available in any combination of fabric color and border thread color). More shapes are available by request for custom embroidered emblems.

If twill isn't the patch fabric you′re looking for we also offer poplin, flame resistant and reflective material for your custom embroidered emblem.

Backing materials used for embroidered emblems and patches

Embroidered emblems have different backing materials applied depending on the end use of the product. There would be no special backing applied to a patch that is to be sewn directly to a garment. If the patch is made to be heat applied to a garment, for easy application, it would be backed with a "heat-sealed" material. In our production facilities we have the proper machines to apply you embroidered patch.

Reflective embroidered emblems and patches

Embroidered patches can be made for people who work in poor visibility environments. Using a reflective material for the background, allows the patch to reflect when light comes in contact with the background material. You can incorporate this material in patches made for children′s garments to add visibility at the bus stop, or add to sports apparel for bright, fashion-oriented embroidered emblems that stand out from the rest.

Embroidery Coverage

Embroidered patches and embroidered emblems vary in price depending on the following factors:

  • Quantity: How many patches needed
  • Patch Size: Height and width of background fabric
  • Stitch Count: Number of stitches it takes to complete your desired design.

When designing your embroidered emblem the illustrations below can serve as a guide to the percentage of embroidery coverage on your patch.

Guide for the percentage of embroidery coverage on an average patch.

Consider the embroidery patch samples illustrated with the understanding that the dark or shaded areas are embroidered and the light area represents the unembroidered underlying twill. There is 50% or more thread coverage on most embroidered patches.