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Best No-Iron Dress Shirts for Embroidery

easy care

Easy Care No-Iron Dress Shirts are Better than Ever!

Good news, wrinkle-free fans! Easy care, no-iron dress shirts now look and feel better than ever. They travel well, wear well and are good to go the minute you pull them from the dryer. Choose from long-sleeve and short-sleeve button down styles.

Can You Iron a Non-Iron Shirt? Should you?

On occasion, a no-iron shirt can show a wrinkle or two, especially when packed inside a crammed pieced of luggage or forgotten inside a hot dryer. To remove wrinkles that have formed on these easy care button down shirts, put the shirt back in the dryer on low for a few minutes, or, yes, iron it just a bit. A cooler iron setting will not hurt the wrinkle-free finish. For more specific care instructions, refer to the manufacturer’s care tag inside the shirt.