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Tall T-Shirts (LT and Larger)

tall t-shirt

Up Up & Away – Tall T-Shirts Save the Day

If you have been gifted with the blessing of height, we’ve got some products that will work for you. Our tall sized t-shirts start typically at LT which means we have XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT and even 4XLT’s available for customization! Tall t-shirts will makes sure your bully button doesn’t show when lifting up your arms, which we will all be thankful for. Another amazing benefit of tall shirts is that the sleeves are longer, so you won’t look like a total dork with short sleeves. You can add these tall t-shirts to a standard screen printing or digital printing order to maximize your pricing, so don’t be worried if your entire group doesn’t want tall sized custom apparel.