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best tall shirt

Custom Tall Sized Short Sleeve T-Shirts

Port&Company PC61T

6.1oz 100% Cotton Essential

LT-4XLT | 51 Colors

Gildan 2000T

6.1oz 100% Ultra Cotton

LT-3XLT | 8 Colors

Hanes 518T

6.1oz Cotton Beefy-T

LT-4XLT | 7 Colors

Port&Company PC55T

5.5oz 50/50 Core Blend Tee

LT-4XLT | 30 Colors

Jerzees 29MT

5.6oz 50/50 Dri-Power Tee

XLT-3XLT | 10 Colors

Sport-Tek TST350

3.8oz 100% Polyester Tee

LT-4XLT | 25 Colors

Sport-Tek TST360

3.8oz 100% Poly Heather Tee

LT-4XLT | 8 Colors

Bella+Canvas 3006

4.2oz Cotton Long Body Tee

S-3XL | 6 Colors

Anvil 5624

4.3oz Long & Lean Tee

S-2XL | 4 Colors

Next Level 3602

4.3oz Cotton Long Body Crew

XS-3XL | 4 Colors

Big & Tall Sized Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Port&Company PC61LST

6.1oz 100% Cotton Essential

LT-4XLT | 24 Colors

Port&Company PC55LST

5.5oz 50/50 Core Blend LS

LT-4XLT | 17 Colors

Sport-Tek TST350LS

3.8oz 100% Polyester LS

LT-4XLT | 17 Colors

Anvil 5628

4.3oz Long & Lean LS

S-2XL | 4 Colors

Tall Pocket Short Sleeve Shirts & Tall Long Sleeve Sleeve Shirts with Pocket

Port&Company PC61PT

6.1oz Cotton Pocket Tee

LT-4XLT | 17 Colors

Carhartt CTTK87

6.75 Cotton Pkt Workwear TS

LT-3XLT | 8 Colors

Port&Company PC55PT

5.5oz 50/50 Pocket Core Blend

LT-4XLT | 19 Colors

Port&Company PC61LSPT

6.1oz Cotton Pocket LS

LT-4XLT | 10 Colors

Other Tall Sized Items Available - Hoodies, Workwear, Full Zips & More

Port&Company PC90T

9oz Tall Crewneck Sweatshirt

LT-4XLT | 13 Colors

Port&Company PC90HT

9oz Tall Hooded Sweatshirt

LT-4XLT | 18 Colors

Port Authority TLK500

5oz 65/35 Silk Touch Polo

LT-4XLT | 24 Colors

Port Authority TLS608

4.5oz Easy Care Long Sleeve

LT-4XLT | 27 Colors

Carhartt CTTJ131

12oz Lined Duck Jacket

LT-4XLT | 2 Colors

What You Need to Know about Big & Tall Sizes

If you are familiar with tall sizes, you might already know that they typically start at LT or Large Tall. Some brands offer them, others don't. Some have companion products to the tall sizes, others do not. Check out this handy dandy guide when creating custom t-shirts in tall sizes.

  • Available Tall Sizes- We offer the following sizes: LT (Large Tall), XLT (XL Tall), 2XLT (2XL Tall), 3XLT (3XL Tall) and some 4XLT and 5XLT
  • Look for Companion Products- Almost all of our tall sizes have like products that come in standard sizes. This makes it easy for only one or two people to get tall if the others need standard. Ask us for more details.
  • Same Brands You Love- We offer the same great brands that you love! Tall is offered in Gildan, Jerzee, Port & Company, Dickies and so many more!
  • Wide Variety Of Products- Looking for a tall sized jacket or polo that is not shown on our site? As our team! We have hundereds of tall options in addtion to what you see here.

Up Up & Away – Tall T-Shirts Save the Day

If you have been gifted with the blessing of height, we’ve got some products that will work for you. Our tall sized t-shirts start typically at LT which means we have XLT, 2XLT, 3XLT and even 4XLT’s available for customization! Tall t-shirts will makes sure your belly button doesn’t show when lifting up your arms, which we will all be thankful for. Another amazing benefit of tall shirts is that the sleeves are longer, so you won’t look like a total dork with short sleeves. You can add these tall t-shirts to a standard screen printing or digital printing order to maximize your pricing, so don’t be worried if your entire group doesn’t want tall sized custom apparel.