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SWEATSHIRTS: Performance Dri-Fit

performance dri-fit

What is a Performance Sweatshirt?

  • Performance sweatshirts are designed to keep you dry and comfortable even when you are working out.
  • Unlike cotton, which holds moistures in, synthetic wicking fabrics let air in and wick moisture away from the skin so that you feel comfortable no matter how hard you are pushing your body.
  • Choose performance sweatshirts for working out, running, biking, kickboxing, dancing, team sports or any event that requires a little sweat equity.
  • Performance sweatshirts are also excellent for hot and/or humid climates.
  • Dry-fit technology fabrics costs more to manufacture than cotton fabric but is money well spent when performance and comfort are high priority.

Do Performance Fabrics Work Well Custom Screen Printing?

  • Screen-printed designs not only look great on performance sweatshirts, they last for years, wash after wash. To ensure your screen-printed design bonds well, we use special inks that bond as well on wicking sweatshirts as standard inks do on cotton sweatshirts.
  • We do recommend screen-printing on wicking sweatshirts over digital printing because the inks used for digital printing do not achieve as permanent a bond as our special screen-printing inks.