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Juniors Tank Tops and Racerbacks

junior tanks

Junior Tank Shirt Sizing vs. Ladies Tank Shirts Sizing

T-Shirt sizing can be confusing as each manufacturer’s cut is slightly different. As a general guideline, juniors' sizes are usually cut a little straighter and narrower than misses sizes.

Junior Tank Top Sizing Help

Junior size shirts are typically marked in odd numbers and are sized as follows:

  • A junior’s small (S) T-shirt typically fits sizes 3 to 5, chest 34 and waist 27
  • A juniors medium (M) T-shirt typically fits 7 to 9, chest 36 and waist 27.5
  • A juniors large (L) fits sizes 11 to 13, chest 38 and waist 28

Misses Tank Top Sizing Help

Misses sizes come in even numbers and are typically sized as follows:

  • A misses extra small (XS?) shirt fits 4 to 6, chest 35 and waist 26
  • A misses small (S) shirt fits 6 to 8, chest 36 and waist 27
  • A misses medium (M) shirt fits 8 to 10, chest 38 and waist 29
  • A misses large (L) shirt fits 10 to 12, chest 40 and waist 31
  • A misses extra large (XL) shirt fits 12 to 14, chest 42 and waist 33
  • A misses XX large (2XL) shirt fits 16 to 18, chest 45 and waist 36
  • A misses 3XL fits 18-20, shirt fits chest 47 and waist 38

Junior Tank Top Fashion Tips for Every Tank Top Style

As you can see from the Junior Tank Top catalog photos, junior tank tops come in different styles. Spaghetti strap tank tops are great for layering. Racerback tank tops are bare on the back of your shoulders and look great layered over a racerback sports bra or any bra with cute, colorful straps. Flowy box tank tops look great with a colorful sports bra underneath or layered over a racerback tank top. Festival tank tops have larger armholes and look super cute layered over another tank top or over a colorful sports bra.