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Personalized Messenger Bags

messenger bags

Customized messenger bags show off your brand on the go!

  • Messenger bags are both stylish and useful. They are handy for business professionals, travelers, commuters, and students.
  • Most messenger bags can accommodate everything from laptops and tablets to textbooks and large envelopes or files.
  • Messenger bags are designed with a single strap that fits across the chest, making it more comfortable to tote items as you walk or ride across the city or the parking lot.
  • You can use a messenger bag in place of a purse or a carry-on bag. They are a great choice for commuters and bike riders. (Fun fact: The bags are called messenger bags because bike messengers began using them as a carryall back in the 1970s.)
  • Messenger bags are available in a variety of sizes with numerous features. To ensure the bag you are selecting is a good fit, compare the messenger bags dimensions to the dimensions of any electronic devices you plan to carry. Allow extra room for power cables, chargers, and other necessities.
  • To find the dimensions of the messenger bags shown above, move your curser over the bag image, and click on “get quote.” The description tab that comes up will tell you more about each bag shown.