Custom Face Masks

Protecting and expressing yourself has never been easier. Keep the whole family safe and stylish with our diverse custom face mask options.

  • Decoration Methods: Screen Printing, Digital Sublimation
  • Cheap, Wholelsale Prices - Get it customized for less than retail!
  • Free Shipping on ALL orders within the contiguous United States
adult facemask

Customizable Adult Sized Face Masks

Stay protected in style with our one-of-a-kind custom facemasks.

ValuCap VC19 ValuCap VC19

ValuCap VC19

2-Ply Washable ValuMask

$ | One Size | 1 Color

Port Authority PAMASK05 Port Authority PAMASK05

Port Authority PAMASK05

3-Ply Mask w/Elastic Ear Loops

$ | One Size | 7 Colors

Carhartt CT105160 Carhartt CT105160

Carhartt CT105160

Cotton Ear Loop Face Mask

$$ | One Size | 4 Colors

District DTMSK01 District DTMSK01

District DTMSK01

4.oz Shaped with Elastic Loops

$ | One Size | 10 Colors

Sportsman MAV20 Sportsman MAV20

Sportsman MAV20

2-Ply Maverick USA-Made Mask

$$ | One Size | 17 Colors

Port Authority USPAMASK Port Authority USPAMASK

Port Authority USPAMASK

3-Ply USA-Made Elastic Ear

$$ | One Size | 2 Colors

Sublimatable Mask


3-Ply All Over Sublimated Mask

$ | S, L | 1 Colors

bandana mask

Customizable Gaiters

Your new favorite accessory for sun, style, and staying safe. Are you in?

ValuCap VC20

ValuCap VC20

Polyester Value Gaiter

$ | One Size | 14 Color

Port Authority G100 Port Authority G100

Port Authority G100

Stretch Performance Gaiter

$ | One Size | 8 Colors

Holloway 222000 Holloway 222000

Holloway 222000

Poly/Spandex Antimicrobial

$$ | One Size | 9 Colors

Boxercraft G01 Boxercraft G01

Boxercraft G01

UPF 30+ Poly Comfort Gaiter

$$$ | One Size | 17 Color

Carhartt CT105160 Carhartt CT105160

Carhartt CT105086

Cotton Filter Pocket Gaiter

$$ | One Size | 3 Colors

Next Level MG106 Next Level MG106

Next Level MG106

Tri-Blend General Use Gaiter

$$ | One Size | 6 Colors

Port Authority G103 Port Authority G103

Port Authority G103

Poly Ear Loop Gaiter Mask

$ | One Size | 4 Colors

J. America 8879 J. America 8879

J. America 8879

7.5oz Gaiter Fleece Hoodie

$$ | S-3XL | 5 Colors

kids facemask

Youth Size Face Masks & Youth Gaiters

Tiny faces, big protection! Discover our range of comfortable and cute kids' face masks.

Sportsman MAV25Y Sportsman MAV25Y

Sportsman MAV25Y

2-Ply Youth USA-Made Mask

$$ | One Size | 7 Colors

District YDTMSK02 District YDTMSK02

District YDTMSK02

Youth 3-Ply VIT Shaped Mask

$ | One Size | 1 Colors

Sport-tek YSTMSK350 Sport-tek YSTMSK350

Sport-Tek YSTMSK350

2-Ply Youth Polyester Mask

$$ | S/M, M/L | 8 Colors

Port Authority YG100 Port Authority YG100

Port Authority YG100

Youth Stretch Poly Gaiter

$ | One Size | 5 Colors


Other Face Covering PPE Options

Options galore! Explore our range of PPE face coverings to find the perfect fit for your style and safety needs.

Port Authority C960

Port Authority C960

100% Cotton Bandana

$ | 21.25" x 21.25" | 4 Colors

ValuCap VC21

ValuCap VC21

2.5oz Cotton Sheeting Bandana

$ | 21" x 21" | 8 Colors

Design custom nike hats and bags online

Design Custom Printed Face Masks Online Now

  • Our no minimum face mask options allow you to get just a single piece. Our DTG printing method will make the design soft and breathable.
  • The washable face masks are designed to be worn over and over again giving your brand exposure while also providing much needed protection.
  • Our wholesale cloth face masks are not intended for use in a medical setting. Please consult CDC guidelines on the best way to wear a mask to protect you based on your needs.

Custom Facemasks, Neck Gaters, Activity Masks, Buffs, and Bams

With the need of comfortable fit facemasks increasing across the United States, more personalized face masks are available. Do you know what a bam, gater, and a buff are? There are multiple terms for gear that protects your face and helps prevent the spread of germs. And at Broken Arrow, we can carry many of them that we can customize with a clever or graphic or a company logo. We've got you covered (literally).

  • Custom Face Mask- Well if you are currently somewhere on planet Earth, you probably know what a face mask is. In many places around the country and the world, you are required (and if not required, then at least encouraged) to wear them anywhere you might come in contact with another human being. Facemasks are intended to reduce the risk of you infecting another human being with any communicable respiratory illness you may have .
  • Custom Neck Gaiter- Skiers and snowboarders have been wearing neck gaiters to cover their faces for years. These stretchy tube-shape scarves are super versatile. You can use them as a face covering, headband, or infinite neck scarf. For runners, bikers, hikers, and people just walking around the block or going into a store, neck gaiters (also called "custom buffs," "custom tubes," and custom infinity scarves) have become necessary gear. With the new CDC recommendations to battle the coronavirus, neck gaiters make a lot of sense and you can wear them in multiple ways as you go about your day. They are also excellent for sun protection and bug protection. Custom neck gaiters come in a wide array of materials, from cotton to polyester to tri-blends, and there are no pesky knots to tie and they are lese likely to get lost than a basic facemask. Custom neck gaiters are also versatile from season to season and from place to place and activity to activity. Where your custom neck gaiter to work, to workout, or to run errands.
  • Custom Activity Mask- An activity mask is the same thing as a custom neck gaiter, but with a more easy-to-understand name. These custom stretchy tube-shape scarves are typically made from polyester and spandex, as is the Badger Activity Mask shown above.
  • Custom Buff- A Buff is a brand of neck gaiter. It's the Kleenex of Neck Gaiters. Though Buff is a trademarked brand name many people use it as another term for neck gaiter.
  • Bam Face Mask- Yes, it's a thing. A custom Bam Face Mask basically a facemask with a super hero "bam" logo. And yes, if this is what you need, we can make them for you.
  • PPE- PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. It is equipment worn to s equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses may result from contact with chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards. Personal protective equipment may include items such as gloves, safety glasses and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits. Broken Arrow is not in the PPE business. We do not sell medical grade protective gear.
  • Facial Covering- Any covering that you can wear on your face to help prevent the spread of germs or as protection from the sun, wind, insects, etc. It's a broad term that encompasses all the other terms listed.
  • Bandana- These fabric squares can be tied together to wear around your neck, your head, or across your face. If you have a stylish dog, he might be wearing one now. You can have a bandana customized with a logo or graphic of your choice and in many establishments, they are acceptable as a classic facemask alternative.
  • Medical Grade Masks- Broken Arrow does NOT sell medical grade custom facemasks. Please consult CDC guidelines on the best way to wear a mask to protect you based on your needs.