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Wholesale Silk Screen Printing Services

Are you looking to pay wholesale prices on your silk screen printing? Consider it done with Broken Arrow! We like to think of ourselves as a free to you co-op. As most silk screen printers, we purchase blanks from wholesale providers who purchase their products directly from the manufacturers. We pool all of our customers’ orders together to get special wholesale pricing from the biggest t-shirt sellers in the industry. We then take their prices and pass them down to the customer creating wholesale silk screen printing instead of retail. This allows our customers to resell for a profit including to large vendors like Walmart and Target! Yes, it’s true, we’ve printed for places that wholesale back to large retail vendors.

Cheap Prices on All of Our Products

Some of our customers are in the know and want to say fashion forward and trendy with retail brands such as Nike, American Apparel and Adidas. Because we pass the wholesale price on the blanks back down to you, the customer, we can often times add your silk screened logo and resell it back to you for even less than you can get at the retail outlet blank. Consider American Apparel as a great example. If you purchase the American Apparel 2001 at a retail store, you’ll pay $18.00 plus tax. Let’s just say your tax rate is 6%, you would be paying $19.08 per shirt. If you purchase just 24 of those shirts from us with a 1 color print, they would be $11.42 all-inclusive, delivered right to your door. Talk about some good wholesale silk screen prices! Our wholesale silk screening doesn’t just extend to that brand or even to just t-shirts for that matter, we offer wholesale prices on all of our silk screening products and services.

Silk Screen T-Shirts are Awesome

Silk screen t-shirts are great for promoting schools, sport teams, churches, businesses and organizations. Our custom screen printing and embroidery company can silk screen t-shirts using gels, foils and metallic inks at wholesale screen printing pricing. Our professional artist can help custom design silk screen t-shirts to promote your school or college basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, track, rugby or football team. Our online catalog is filled with hundreds of name brand t-shirts for your custom screen printing needs. Our silk screen printers are ready to silk screen t-shirts for you today!