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Customize Champion Hoodies & Sweatshirts

The staple warm-up garment for most sports teams, custom Champion hoodies shouldn't be left out when it comes to personalization. Broken Arrow Wear can help you with that. We offer these warm and cozy tops in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to meet the needs of any team or group. If there is a need to stay warm, this brand stands up to the task. A nice, heavy weight cotton blended with polyester gives this brand its resilience and warmth. Designed with the athlete in mind, there is usually a handy pocket to - you guessed it - warm up your hands. There is also ample room for layering underneath, which is helpful when you need to wear your uniform and be able to warm up inside or outside before competitions. Finally, the hood with a drawstring closure is ready to keep your head covered even on the windiest of days.

Why Buy Champion Branded Products?

Custom Champion hoodies from are made with sturdy construction out of quality materials that will live up to brand performance. For sports teams, adding the name and logo is traditional and easy for us with our cutting edge print-screening technology. We can even use digital images thanks to our digital printing capabilities. If the look you're going for is more whimsical, we can also use glitter ink, different types of text, and rhinestones to achieve the right aesthetic. These options are great for dance teams, color guard, and similar teams or clubs.An easy choice for any team, custom Champion hoodies will keep your warm and let everyone know where you're from. Staying cozy while showing team spirit or supporting a cause is easy thanks to Broken Arrow Wear. This great brand and our extremely numerous options for personalizing are the answer to sporting team and organization needs everywhere. Feel cohesive and represent your school or cause with pride. Place your order today and show your support with loud and proud graphics, embroidery, or exclusive ink available on