Youthful times and tanktops


“When I stepped out, into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home.”

For me, this quote from “The Outsiders” sums up life as an all time favorite. It elicits memories of the first time I saw the movie and my own youth. Not that it creates some sort of deep philosophical meaning or can be broken down at all; it’s rather, a marker of a time period in life for me.

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Simple times and simple attitudes kept life real. A good ass-kicking could settle differences and a beating kept one in check from becoming a serial killer. It’s a time when my smart-mouth got me cracked across the backside with a two-by-four by my step father and I respected him for it. I put on a smile and would ask for another unwittingly all in a plan to shape me as a respectable member of society. It worked.

Take for instance the simplistic t-shirts and jackets worn in The Outsiders movie. T-shirts and tanktops defined a man and custom polos had all the girls fully clad in American Bandstand styles. Motorcycles ruled the streets and hot rods scooped the loop on Main streets all across America. Gangs weren’t quit gangs yet and an embroidered jacket didn’t always mean something negative.

Looking back I’m still not at all sure I would trade my generation for the 50s, though. I mean, black and white TV sucked!


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