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It’s always a wonder to me how many different brands and designs of tourist tee shirts, hoodies and hats I come across while traveling. Whether I’m traveling locally, regionally or across state lines there are so many great choices of custom screen-printing to choose from it’s very daunting.

promotional apparel items and t-shirts to quick fulfill

direct to garment

Take for instance the simple fact, that, when a person even fills up with gas at their local quicky convenience store they are bombarded with promotional apparel items and t-shirts to fast fulfill anyone’s needs. Though, some of these custom printed polo shirts are a little amusing when they are a national chain, I doubt I would purchase a sweatshirt from a local mom and pop store considering the custom t-shirt artwork might be less than desirable.

Yet, as I travel the state recently I have found custom screen printed t-shirts in every corner of the state and every business is hawking them. Some have wonderful printed Lia Sophia designs that I feel compelled to purchase and others lack the basic artistic flare that seemingly was created by a three year old in art class.

Needless to say, there are bazillions awesome decoration choices out there for custom printed apparel. One of my person favorites, of course, is motorcycle magazine tee shirts and the events they host such as bike nights and rallies.

Hopefully these businesses will soon stumble upon techniques such as direct to garment shirt printing, all over screen printing and jumbo prints that might also assist with their own creativity. We will have to see.


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