Johnny Cash and his black custom shirts


Often times I am amazed at the way people are oblivious to their surrounds by what they wear in public. I mean, when you woke up this morning, did you decide to dress goofy or are you just plain nuts?

There has been many o’ times that I have looked in the mirror and thought that the tshirt I was wearing would be a good choice. And there have been just as many occasions when my conscience (my wife) made a suggestion to wear a jacket to cover up my custom screenprinted ACDC shirt. Which I would act childish about and later concede to.

Custom shirts whit rhinestones like Johnny Cash wore

JC wore black

Nonetheless, you will not catch me in baggy pants or sweatshirts that are jumbo sized and don’t fit me well nor will you find me wearing rhinestones on my shoes. I will leave rhinestones to the beautiful women in my life and stick to the basics of black like my man, Johnny Cash.

This, reminds me of a custom silk screen t-shirt that I had made with JCs famous middle finger pose that I love to wear while motorcycling. Man, I love that shirt. It would look dandy on hoodie, too.

Those that know me understand I am a person that dresses for comfort and not to impress and I will not succumb to fades, either.


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