Teenagers, t-shirts and a messy room


We should have seen it coming but we didn’t. We thought our daughter was a neat-freak like her mother and liked to keep her room clean of custom apparel clutter. We were wrong and this morning was the melt down we didn’t see coming.

For the second day this week our beautiful daughter over slept and missed her bus. Upon assisting her to wake up – in the nicest way possible – the infrastructure of her clean room was evident to us that it required some serious attention.

As the good father I am, I told our daughter that I would take her to school but she needed to be ready to go by 8 AM so I could make it to work on time. I mean, how long does a person need to get ready in the morning? Yes, I now know. Besides, I promised to drive my car and not drive my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

To this, an hour ensued of her running from room to room looking at herself in different t-shirts, sweatshirts and other custom garments with different mirrors. The frantic pace began to rise as I counted down the minutes until we need to depart.

8 AM came and went and with that the ruckus and mad hatter attitudes began to spread like a virus in the house. Our daughter’s room was a complete mess and she began to tell us – her parents – she didn’t have any clothes to wear. To which, we grinned and pointed to our own selection of hoodies, tanktops and embroidered apparel that had been tossed around like a tornado had hit Dorothy’s rhinestoned house.

Hence, following quite a bit of what I will politely call “miscommunication” between us all, I left for work sans my daughter. She was asked to stay home from school, clean her room and alter her traits slightly.

We will see the effects very soon.


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