T-Shirts Speak


By Kayli Kunkel

I have this theory about shoes: footwear is directly correlated with personality.  A nice, well-worn pair of sneakers usually indicates a laidback, trendy guy. Velcro man-sandals (especially when worn with tall socks) scream, “My World of Warcraft account generally gets a lot of use.” Yellow converse? You’re probably quirky and energetic. And you better take a girl with strappy, bejeweled gladiator sandals on a nice first date to dinner. Call me shallow, but when I’m trying to figure someone out, I first check out their shoe choice because it usually speaks wonders.

T-shirts also act as giveaways. From my highly professional research (not), I’ve noticed some relationships. For guys, the deeper a V-neck shirt goes, the more adventurous and spunky he probably is. A colorful tee with a vibrant screen printed pattern or embroidered decal indicates a free spirit. A funny quote sprawled on the front means carefree, informal, with a good sense of humor. A sleeveless bro tank…well, I watch out for those.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But at least in the world of footwear—and t-shirts—you’re wearing a message. Have fun with how you dress, and make sure it speaks the right volumes.

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