Super BORING moon and a hoodie


Okay, so you all know that I was intent on seeing the super moon and I even dressed for the occasion in my favorite custom screen printedhoodie sweatshirt, right. So I waited for the correct timing and all of a sudden clouds began to come in the area. REALLY?

super moon photography custom hoodie sweatshirts

Mac loves custom garments

About the time dusk was hitting was to be a prime time to see the glittery moon. Likewise, news channels debated on the perfect time and seemed to arrive at 10:55PM central time to get the best glimpse.

But it wasn’t to be. All dressed up and nowhere to go I decided to dawn my jacket and hat to take my motorcycle to the nearest hill hoping to set my eyes on the super moon. Though, all I really needed was a sweatshirt or even a t-shirt, the weather was fine.

Now I wait another year to hopefully get a shot of the moon and I might even make a screenprint of it for an all over print tee shirt. Boy, I’d bet I could sell the dickens out of them. No?


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