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This past Easter holiday, I was reminded by my daughter that holidays these days, are becoming even more nonsense. With the trite commercials of different animals clucking and hocking chocolate, it’s a wonder how our youth can grasp the true meaning.

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Granted, this day was a more sacred day with all the fixings for dressing up nicely in our polo shirts and black shoes. But the day becomes too hurried. It becomes a “hurry up and eat” mockery of its beginnings.

Albeit, my daughter looked stunning in her custom print dress. She will evermore seek any occasion to dawn something embroidered on a sweater or anything custom to her wardrobe.

All that said, my son would take the less than stellar road and choose to wear his skateboard shoes or some sort of motorcycle magazine hoodie with blazing throttler bikes or skulls.

Me? Well, I go kicking and screaming not wanting to dress up at all. My wife thinks I should always wear something sporty but I would rather wear a racing custom t-shirt or anything with custom printing on it.  My preferences are to not be uncomfortable. Period. And style has never been my strong suit.

My wife will take every opportunity to cherish the said holiday as it is meant to be observed and she will look stunning in her rhinestoned blouse and jewels from head to toe.

And in the end, no matter what we dress in we should keep in mind our roots and the origins of our holidays.

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