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Last night was a long night tossing and turning in bed. You know, just like those nights where you can’t shake something in your head. It just loops over and over again with seemingly no end to the monotony of images flashing and the repetitiveness of them. This night was about my own personal blog writing.

outdoor sweatshirts with custom embroidery on shirts

Custom logo seed corn jackets

However, when I was a kid growing up, my cousins and I would walk bean fields and cut the stray corn stalks out of the rows of soy beans. To some, this might seem a little odd but for the farmers who hired us, that meant their bean crops could grow better.

We would start in the early cool mornings dressed on our custom printed jackets with embroidered seed corn logos on them. No matter what, it was important that we chose the right time of day to walk the rows of beans and stay cool.

Even if we had t-shirts on it would be an exhausting ordeal to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have head exhaustion. Taking great care to always hydrate, we took many breaks and watched the cars and motorcycles wiz past on the highway dreaming of our futures not being in the bean fields.

Of course, at that time, our minds would drift quit frequently and I think that our ages also lead to us being susceptive to dreaming about walking beans, too.

It never failed, for days after starting to walk beans I would fall asleep exhausted only to awaken to the horror that I had spent countless hours lying in bed rehashing my 10 hour days. The repetitive lines of beans and cutting corn stalks sweating in custom farming apparel was mind numbing.

Alas, within a few days this too would pass. My cousins and I would bring our hoodies and sweatshirts to cut the dew filled mornings and shed them later for cut off shirts.

That was a long time ago, though. Oh, wait! And then there was the time was walked corn fields and picked up rocks…


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