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After spending three days and driving 687 miles with my family this last weekend, I realized just how awful things are when it comes to custom t-shirts. I’m not talking about truck stop custom printed apparel here, either. What I’m getting at is the lack of creativity out there and the lack of decent selections tourists have to choose from.

Custom embroidered jackets and tanks

Cold weather custom sweatshirts

Mile upon mile our family trucked to Northeast Iowa in the hill and valleys of the Mississippi Valley. We played our usual car games, had a few melt downs and explored places we have never been. The weekend was an absolute picture perfect trip with sunny skies and motorcycle riders all over the countryside.

Our first stop was Spook Cave, 7 miles North of McGreger Iowa, where we explored a cave riding in a canoe. It was a great time and an awesome place to visit. The day we chose to visit just happened to be a 90 degree hot Iowa day and we were happy to enjoy the 47 degree cave on our tanktops. The guides who conducted the tours wore embroidered jackets because the caves were so cold they needed to stay warm.

Needless to say, upon leaving our spooky destination, I noticed how boring the custom screenprinted t-shirts were they had to sell. The designs were nothing exciting and only a few selections of sweatshirts were available with no rhinestone garments to be seen.

This sight instantly took my mind back to Broken Arrow Wear and our offerings of free custom artwork to our clients by trained professional artists. My mind wondered a little as to what one of our designers might have come up with for a design of their tshirt or printed hoodies.

Maybe next year they will find a better design. Maybe they will get a nice note in the mail from Broken-Arrow, too?


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