Saving custom t-shirts from purgatory


It’s a real shame when you realize t-shirts don’t last forever. We purchase custom printed shirts and apparel with the illusions of wearing them for a long time and possibly, handing them down to our children.

custom decorated race wear t-shirts screenprinting

Car art designs customizated shirts

We search the world over seeking that right fit and comfort to our clothing. Most times we will spend extra money for the name brands, too. Nevertheless when it comes to t-shirts the custom design and artwork on them is our number one priority.

We love cute Disney World sayings with mice ears all the way to a wicked custom Throttler Motorcycle Magazine t-shirts. We pride ourselves for being the first person in our circles to have a shirt or garment that makes our friends say, “Where did you get that awesome tee shirt?”

With glee we become sheepish. We don’t want anyone to be a copycat but we relent with time and spill the beans.

So now it’s time for a summer garage sale at my compound. We will gather all of the faded, ripped and torn tanktops with rhinestones, embroidered polo shirts, NASCAR racing wear and all over printed custom decorated tees and tshirts. We will fulfill our quote fast, too.

This will not be decided by committee and will be agonizing to everyone involved. We will take our shirts out from under the heaping pile of forgotten clothing. We will put these shirts in our personal garage sale piles and snatch them back at least two or three times rescuing them. We will feel guilt and reminisce of the bygone years when we fell in love with our custom screen printed t-shirts.

Alas, the bellowing call from my guardian angel wife and children’s mother will snap us from our statuesque Medusa gaze. She will bring us back to the cruel reality at hand. We will put a round colored sticker inked with twenty five cents on each one with tears welling. We will even ponder buying back these shirts at our own garage sale.

With time, we will concede. We will roll over accordingly to purge the load of our selfish egos for being stylish. We will stick a few hundred quarters on our pockets all in the name of Spring cleaning and once again set forth to purchase more custom decorated apparel.

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