Rhinestones in the 50s


The fashion fads over the years have been many that I have been able to experience. Though, I have missed the 60s and 70s true fashions in custom printed apparel and clothing, the 80s and 90s we quite the trip for me.

rhinestones and custom printed tshirts

Rhinstones On T-shirts

I think I would have been pretty damn comfortable in the 50s with their car hop custom decorated garments and awesome motorcycle magazines. Even if there wasn’t much of a need or for that matter, any sort of custom screen printing technology available. The era was still a bad ass time to be alive for cool t-shirts, tanktops, jackets and sweatshirts.

Gals in their appliqué poodle sweatshirts and guys in their white cotton tshirts looking like they were ready to rumble at any moment was a trip, man.

Which, brings me to a quandary; where would the custom designed apparel industry be today if there were rhinestones in the 50s?

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