Recycle your custom printed garments


Growing up in small town America about a million years ago, every time my parents would buy my latest sportswear or uniform for any give sport, there was no outlet to recycle the garments.

embroidery broken-arrow tee shirts

customized rhinestones on shirts

Of course we could always do the hand-me-down gig with a relative, but for the most part, everyone was my age anyway.

Now that my children are in sports and motorcycle magazine racing we are for sure glad that there are outlets such as Play It Again Sports and other consignment shops here and there.

Believe me, as a parent now I can assimilate to my own parent’s pocketbooks when it came to custom t-shirts for every sport I came across. Thank the Lord, I wasn’t into wearing rhinestones. Who knows what we could have done with custom embroidery on shirts. I mean, there is no way to recycle those unless you live in a larger city. Right?

That all said, my daughter loves to seek her latest steal in the local screen printing sections of consignment shops and look for retro, fast and sleek shirts that are her fast fulfillment of wishing she lived in the 80s. Strange, I know.

The fact remains that back in the dark ages of my youth, what we called garage sales are now more corporate and geared for the masses taking reconstituting to the next level.

For instance, we called sweatshirts, sweatshirts. And if they had a hood, we still called them a sweatshirt and not the hip term “hoodie” we now hear spoken. Nonetheless, it’s comforting to know custom t-shirts are still called t-shirts.

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