Out of Place


My daughter and I have been noticing a few items around the house lately that seem oddly out of place. Books, pencils, makeup or even small rhinestones seem out of place. Items of ours seem to not be exactly where we are leaving them like a cup might be ever so slightly moved or turned.

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Which, brings me to a short side note about my beliefs in the transfer to the hereafter. I’m not necessarily speaking about the heavenly spiritual world either.  More on the lines of I really do think there are souls and spirits all around us and we just can’t see them.

This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with things that do go bump in the night. For, if I was the only person to ever sense the presence of something else in the room, then, I could be termed a little odd. However, centuries and thousands of years have proven that fact is stranger than fiction.

There are hundreds of magazines dedicated to the afterlife and now a handful of television shows depict brave researchers in cool screen printed t-shirts seeking proof of life after death. It holds true there is a chance something is under my bed, or at very least, standing beside me making goofy faces and taunting me.

Nonetheless, my daughter and I have noticed items of our personal possessions turned or moved in ways we are sure we did not leave them. She still sees her tote bag in the corner a little off kilter. I myself, have noticed items in my garage moved distances of feet. Not merely inches.

We will watch and see how things progress and hopefully determine that there is actually nothing amiss.

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