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Guest Blog Post!!

Hello Everyone! I am Jill. I am a sales representative and have worked at Broken Arrow for over 5 years. I am also the design online t-shirt expert. I work with our IT team and the customers to give our users the best experience designing their very own custom garments! I thought it might be fun to write a blog about some of our most commonly asked questions/answers. Hopefully this can help in your endeavors to design your very own custom screen printed garment.


The best upload image is a PNG file with a transparent background and about 300×300 pixels per inch at actual size. The benefit of a PNG file is that you are able to design your own shirt while having the background change to be whichever shirt color you select.  If you use a JPEG with a white background but you want it on a black t-shirt, that white background will show up (see image below).  The PNG file makes the design look nicer and gives you a better picture of what it will actually look like.  Second upload file best to use is a JPG file that is 300×300 pixes per inch also. This is an easily resized/maneuverable file for the online t-shirt design tool.  Although these are the best files to use on the online design tool, we do like to have other file types for “production”. When you get done being your own artist, the design tool will ask you if you have any other files you want to send. At that time, send any files you have and we will pick the best one for your particular project.

If you need custom artwork, contact one of our sales reps and we can help get that taken care of for you! Remember, standard artwork is free with any order over 12 pieces, so don’t hesitate to ask us to be the artist for you if being creative isn’t your thing.



Depending on the quantity that you are ordering, we do have to use specific garments for specific methods of printing. For example, single piece digital printing requires that the garment be 100% cotton. As much as we would love to be able to print on blends. the equipment just doesn’t allow for us to! Do learn more about DTG digital printing, check out this really informative YouTube Video: If we were to try to do digital printing on a non-cotton garment, the result would be something our industry calls sublimation. Have you ever seen a white number on the back of the maroon shirt that looks pink? That is because of sublimation. Simply put, the dye of the fibers interacts with the dyes of the ink and Voila!- you get a color you didn’t meant to get. So, if you need less then 6 pieces, look for a garment that is at minimum 80% cotton.

If you are going to be ordering 6 pieces or more, then select whichever garment is your favorite! We don’t have the same limitations with custom digital printing as we do with custom screen-printing on garments. Did you know that we have over 10,000 different garments available for your custom t-shirt printing and embroidery needs? If you don’t see what you want online, contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps and we can help you find something that fits your needs. We have burnouts, fashion oriented garments, jackets, and much more!

Also, if you are interested in embroidery, contact us and we can help you through that too!


Another question we get asked frequently is How do I add additional garments to the same design? With our system, you are not able to do this, but it is for good reason! Different garments have different limitations, so you cant always easily do that. The best example is youth garments vs. adult garments. The standard design size on a adult garment is 12.5 inches wide where as a youth garment is 9” wide. We do this to protect you from being able to order something that cant actually go together.  There are certainly instances in which combining garments makes a lot of sense and can actually save you money such as adding 12 long sleeves to your order of 12 short sleeves. If you are interesting in adding garments to other garments on the same order, contact us and we will make sure you get the cheapest scree printed shirts possible (cheapest price of course, not cheapest quality :)).

For the sake of your time, I am going to end this particular post and write a new blog post soon in regards to some other issues that you might face on the online design tool! Please remember that our sales reps are here to assist you and really love talking to our customers so give us a call if you need any help!

Thanks for reading, I hope to talk to you all again soon!



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