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What happened to my family two weeks after the sudden death of my father in law was something I thought happened to other people. Some creepy incidents occurred in my house that still has me scratching my head.

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These incidents happened to me as I slept in my daughter’s embroidery covered bed over the period of a few days. Her mother consoled her over her grandfather’s passing by allowing her to sleep in our bed. Hence, I was ousted to another bedroom.

As I lay in my daughter’s bed one night around 3 AM, I felt an overpowering weight all over my entire body as if someone were lying on top of me. The weight was crushing. I had actually been awake, unable to sleep and watching a rhinestone t-shirt commercial on television. Whatever this was, it was real to me and not a figment of my imagination.

A few nights later, I was awoken by a loud motorcycle throttler as I lay in bed. As I lay there now awake, I could feel a hand on my back and dragging fingers. I turned my head and body expecting to see my son or daughter standing beside the bed, only to see emptiness in the room. I could still feel the actual fingers of a hand that was placed on my back as a warm sensation.

Oddly, to make this situation even a little spookier is what was happening to my neighbor in his own house. Things were moving and something was promoting its’ presence there as well. At night, coins on his dresser would swirl and clink as if a finger was spinning them in a circle. Most frightening to his family was the actual compression of their bed as if someone, something, sat down on the edge that wasn’t visible to their eyes.

Neither of us had explanations for any of this.

The last thing to happen to me was yet a few nights later when my hand lay outward off the side of the bed, as it often did. It is just a position I am comfortable laying in while sleeping. What startled me that night was when my wrist was slapped by something that I could not visibly see. Whatever it was, even left red marks on my wrist as if two fingers had thwacked me.

The scariest thing was what I found out a few days later from my daughter. She too had a direct experience that was unsettling and scary to her.

On a late afternoon day, she explained that someone opened the back door to our home and walked into the house. She said she could see a shadow silhouette on the floor of someone standing in the kitchen. As she looked she said “Hello! Who’s there?” She didn’t receive an answer. With that, the shadow dissipated and it was gone. She was alone in the house at the time and was sure no one was playing tricks on her.

As suddenly as this began, it ended. Incidents at my home as well as my neighbors stopped and we all got our personalized lives back together. I do believe that this was some sort of way that my father in law hung around just a little longer to say goodbye. I still don’t know though.

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