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Recently, we have seen another natural disaster hit our nation extremely hard. With the harsh impact of Hurricane Sandy directly affecting the East Coast, New York and New Jersey, it is more than ever evident that our compassion is needed, as others are suffering.

Let alone the horrific devastation in the area with flooded homes, wrecked cars and boats, something many of us neglect is the need for clean apparel and garments for the victims and survivors. Imagine trying to rebuild your life without the bare necessities such as clothing and simple t-shirts to wear.

It’s a horrible feeling to many of the Hurricane Sandy survivors to be unable to feed themselves as well as cloth their families. Everyday custom screenprinted shirts and embroidered sweatshirts seem to be a part of our everyday lives but when a tragedy occurs, these amenities such as customized polo shirts or embroidered hoodies to keep us safe and warm become our biggest concern. Even in these hard times our prized possessions such as motorcycle magazine subscriptions seem to get placed on the back shelves.

Finding the perfect charity to donate to or to send charitable contributions to, is often an impossible task, as well. For the simple fact, that, any online search for “Hurricane Sandy charity” may result in fraudulent results where our good intentions may fall victim to the hands of thieves. Our due diligence is of utmost importance when we put forth our good will to others in need.

We encourage others to seek out unique charities such as companies donating customized apparel, t-shirts, jackets or embroidered garments to help others in need stay warm in the oncoming winter months.


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