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Many years ago I brought home a puppy to my young wife – unbeknownst to her.  My aspirations of owning a purebred German Shorthair dog had offered up an opportunity and I pulled the trigger bringing one home.

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Dressed in my custom hunting garments, I left our house on an early Saturday morning. It was a brisk September day that needed the added layer of my hoodie sweatshirt which, I quickly pulled on.

A short drive to a small town I was united with a litter of German Shorthair pups to choose from the breeder. They raced around like a motorcycle grunting and squealing playing with anything they could grab with their mouths.

As the breeder pointed out, there were quite a few jumbo sized pups to choose from but the one that caught my eye was the runt. He was much smaller than the littlest one in the litter and I knew he needed a buddy.

That was it. It was as simple as pie and we drove home together with visions of playing in the yard, tossing sticks for him to retrieve and everything in between. I even knew exactly where he would sleep and I would wrap him in my favorite custom screenprinted t-shirt to stay warm.

Upon my wife’s arrival though, she was not pleased. But the deal was done and he was here to stay. Even if he got into the laundry and dragged my wife’s tanktops around the house, she grew to love him.


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